Webinars will be implemented in each thematic module where an invited expert will be in charge of the main presentation. Webinars will be opened for all the community participants and will be able to host the first fifty (50) entering the Webinar room. Webinars will use ClickWebinar software.

International Virtual Course: Plans of management and spatial ordering in marine-coastal wetlands

Final Module: 10 cases from Latin America and the Caribbean to show evidence around the EbA

Module 18: Generating Evidence on Ecosystem based Adaptation

Module 17: Gender Approach and Ecosystem-based Adaptation

Module16: Wetland Management Plan

Module 15: New Opportunities for funding post-COP21

Module 14: Tools for Municipal Planning of EbA

Module 13: Monitoring and Evaluation of EbA Initiatives

Module 12: EbA and South South Cooperation

Module 11: EbA mainstreaming in policy processes and decision making

Module 10: Financing for EbA

Module 9: EbA and Mitigation

Module 7: EbA in cities

Module 6: EbA in marine and coastal areas

Module 4: EbA in mountain ecosystems

Module 3: EbA in desert ecosystems

Module 2: Vulnerability and climate change impact

Module 1: Conceptual framework and Streamline Concepts

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