Monday, 26 November 2018 10:46

Webinar: Monitoring and Evaluation: How to measure the success of adaptation processes?

What are the challenges associated with monitoring and evaluating the progress of adaptation?
What do we seek to monitor, processes or results of adaptation?
What information, metrics and units are necessary to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the National Adaptation Plans?
What successful examples exist in Latin America and the Caribbean region?

UN Environment invites you to participate in the following Webinar of the NAPS Community, which will seek to resolve these and other questions related to the metrics for the monitoring and evaluation of adaptation progress. Advances in the development of metrics to measure success in adaptation will be presented together with a case study from the region to demonstarte an experience with the design of a monitoring and evaluation system.


Welcome from the NAPS Community

Lili Ilieva, PhD
Moderator, Practical Action – Latin America


Elena Pita
Adaptation Program Officer
Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean
UN Environment

Lars Christiansen
Expert in Climate Change Senior project officer
UNEP - DTU Partnership

Case study
Case study from Latin America and the Caribbean region